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MINI Cabrio S silver

Rent a convertible MINI and it will give you a real pleasure if you rent it for your vacation or holidays, it will comfortably accommodate two adults and it can fit a couple of bags.

The car with a special temper and charm!

The convertible is equipped with a 1.6 l petrol engine with 122 horsepower (90kW), a front-wheel drive with automatic transmission. A long journey or just an entertaining trip on a convertible MINI can not be compared with any other car, because this compact Miracle is created with love for people!

Meet new discoveries with breeze!

Like other cars with a folding roof, convertible MINI has a large weight in comparison with Mini Cooper S, due to the element of additional rigidity of the body structure, the role of which is usually performed by the roof of the car. However, it is still fast, maneuverable and elegant.