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Can cartent be set up on the roof of my car?
Our cartents are universal, they can be set up on any car, where is the installation of the trunk on the roof of the car. Setting up and folding of a cartent is done by our company. We can offer roof rails / option for setting up of a cartent, if the owner of the car will not have them.
What is the maximum rental period?
Two months.
Are there any mileage restrictions?
Yes. There is a daily limit, but it is not a restriction. After exceeding the limit mileage is calculated at a different rate, according to the contract which provides for various payment options.
Is it possible to travel abroad in a rented car?
Yes. There is a corresponding section of the contract which provides for this possibility.
Can I entrust the car to a relative?
No. The rented car is non-transferable to third parties. However, the rented car can be driven by a second (additional) driver, who must be included in the insurance at the conclusion of the contract.
Are there the advantages of a tent on the roof?
  1. Safety. When you sleep high, it is a reliable protection from crawling reptiles and other wild animals.
  2. Speed. Quickly transferred from the transport to the unfolded position.
  3. Comfort. Soft mattress included, bed linen - optional.
  4. Compactness. There is everything you need for the night in the transport position in the tent: pillows, blankets, sleeping bags, things for sleeping.
  5. Place. You can almost always put the car on a flat surface.
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