Fresh air and restful sleep

The endlessly endearing thirst for travel and new discoveries helps us to reunite with nature, feel its boundless beauty and enjoy our freedom to the fullest extent, while taking advantage of the comfort and comforts of the civilized world.

Tent on roof of car

Soft floor

The base of the floor is soft LATEX 10 cm


Ecologically safety, reliable protection against wind and rain


The height of the tent in the transport position 30 cm


It takes about 2 min. to set up the tent

Main advantages

The aerodynamic shape of the tent with no condensation, a warmed ceiling and lighting, and a large internal space in the transport position allows you to leave all the bedding inside the tent!

• Cartent •

About cartent

We made a new step in expanding the boundaries of consciousness: merged the ease of maneuvering and driving the car through the urban jungle and in the wild, independence and freedom of movement, multiplied by a comfortable sleep, we got rid you of the necessity of moving to a rented accommodation by giving you the freedom of choosing when and where you will be and got a symbiosis of passenger cars and a caravan. We are manufacturers of these tents and took into consideration the wishes of our customers by making the setting up and folding of the tent as fast and easy as possible.

Tent on roof of car

Freedom of movement

A tent that can be easily and quickly set up and folded will allow you not to depend on rental housing, and fully enjoy your travel.

Tent on roof of car

For the family

Thanks to its inner space a cartent will comfortably accommodate two adults with children on a double mattress.

Tent on roof of car


And if you are traveling with a four-legged friend – it will give you the opportunity not to think about the permission of the owners to have it in rented accommodation.

 We are manufacturers of cartents, if you like to travel with our tent or you like outdoor activities, hunting, fishing or just tourism - we are ready to make for you a cartent according to your individual wishes!